2016 – 2017 – Bridalstyling in Frankfurt am Main – Mainz – Wiesbaden.

Makeup & Hair for

Makeup & Hair for CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH Wiesbaden

Make-up & Hair for Deutsche Boerse Ffm

Make-up & Hair for Pbb Buddensiek GmbH

Make-up & Hair for IVA Industrieverband Agrar Ffm

Make-up & Hair for Frankfurt

Make-up & Hair for Adler Damenmode

Dec 2015 – Make-up & Hair for Damenmode.

Nov 2015 – Make-up & Hair for Amaze Models in Frankfurt am Main.

Sep 2015 – Make-up und Styling for Wirtschafts and Infrastrukturbank Hessen

April 2014 – Fashion Editorial ‘’Keep Dreaming’’ für Kock Magazine.

März 2014 – Fashion Editorial ” The Double Portrait” für VOGUE.IT

Feb 2014 – Konzept ‘’Spring’’ Make-up auf der Website Professional Photographer UK.

Feb 2014 – Makeup Beauty Neoclassical Tribute to John William Godward

Jan 2014 – Participation like finalist Talent Show ‘’ Lookmaker’’ for Avatar Production Srl.

Dec 2013 – Editorial” The Black, the Blond, the Jewels” for Stars System Magazine

Nov 2013 – Makeup for Advertising in collaboration with Nb Models MILANO

Oct 2013 – Fashion Editorial in collaboration with Splendor Of Azalea for International Fashion Network.

Oct 2013 – Makeup Artist for GT Open International in Monza Autodrome.

July 2013 – Fashion Editorial ‘’ little black dress’’ for Polis Art Magazine.

Mar 2013 – Fashion Show Haute Couture in collaboration with Monza Fashion School MILANO.

Jan 2013 – Fashion Show Haute Couture in collaboration with Star Creativity Events MILANO.

Dec 2012 – Makeup Artist for advertising Calendar Soccer 2013 Fc Barcelona.

June 2012 – Dior Beauty Consultant for Sephora Cosmetics Milano.

Jan 2012 Fashion Show ‘’Ho voglia di colorare tutti’’ in collaboration with Star Creativity Events MILANO.

2010 – Weddings & Fotoshootings